Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fruits & Vegetables




4 eggplants
6 crabs
2 medium tomatoes
1 tbsp butter
1 large onion, diced
1 Tbsp oil
3 limes
Salt , hot and black pepper to taste
4 cloves garlic, crushed


Clean the crabs with lemon and rinse with cold water
2. Bring water to a boil in a large pot and cook crabs for a 30 minutes
3. Peel the eggplants and slice in 1 inch pieces and boil until tender (about 25-30 minutes)
4. In a big saucepan, suate garlic, onions, tomatoes, and hot pepper
5. Mash eggplant in a bowl to form a puree and combine in saucepan with mixture in step #4
6. Add crabs and simmer 15-20 minutes

Haitian Eggplant

2 pounds beef brisket a piece of salted pork 2 medium eggplants a branch of thyme A few sprigs of parsley green chili 3 large tablespoons. oil a large spoon. vinegar tomato paste Soften and brown the beef (chest) seasoned with a piece of salt pork, rind or foot. Add the eggplant, sliced, a sprig of thyme, a piece of green pepper, parsley and very little water. Put stew 15 minutes, then crush with a wooden spoon, put 3 tablespoons. oil, a vinegar. You can always brown the meat with a spoonful of tomato paste. We will do the same for cabbages and chayotes.

Haitian Legumes Recipe

  1. 2lbsround steaks, trimmed of  all fat and cut into 2-inch cubes
  1. 1/4-1/2cupvegetable oil
  1. 1eggplant, chopped into 2-inch cubes
  1. 1chayote(militon)
  1. 2green bell peppers, chopped into 2-inch pieces, divided
  1. 3scallions, chopped fine
  1. 2garlic cloves, minced
  1. fresh parsley, chopped
  1. 1largehead of cabbage, remove outer leaves, core and chop into 2-inch pieces
  1. 20ounces frozen fordhooklima beans
  1. 12ounces frozenstring beans,  chopped into 2-inch pieces
  1. 2-3 peeled and slicedcarrots, into 2-inch pieces
  1. 1 (10 ounce)boxfrozen chopped spinach
  1. 1bunchwatercress, chopped
  1. 4-5Maggi chicken cubes(chicken bouillon soup cubes)
  1. 1/2-3/4cuptomato paste
  1. 2-3lemons, juice of
  1. salt, to taste
  1. fresh ground black pepper, to taste
  1. garlic powder, to taste
  1. haitian spicyvinegar(Pikliz my spicy Vinegar of Haiti – Picklese (Pikliz)
  1. seasoning, powder(Adobo seasoning)
  1. Wash beef with lime juice, & salt; allow to marinate for 10 minutes.
  2. Rinse with cold water.
  3. Make a paste from green pepper, green onions, parsley, garlic and vinegar; rub it on meat and let marinate for about 30 minutes.
  4. Brown beef in small amount of oil.
  5. Add tomato paste, seasonings and water to cover the beef.
  6. Add chopped green bell pepper and place on top of the beef while it is cooking.
  7. Let the beef cook until tender, continually adding tomato paste mixture as needed, so beef does not burn or dry out.After meat is tender, bring a large pot with a medium amount of water to a boil and start placing in the vegetables.
  8. First, add the cabbage and eggplant, next add the lima beans and green beans. Add the carrots, and chayottes – allow to steam until somewhat tender, then add spinach and watercress.Pour some oil over the vegetables, add the butter and 1 Maggi cube – continue to let steamtill tender.
  9. Once tender, add the vegetables to beef mixture and stir everything together.
  10. Let cook for another 10-20 minutes.
  11. Taste, adjust seasonings.
  12. If necessary, add another Maggi cube.
  13. Taste again, and adjust all the seasonings.
  14. This also goes very well with white rice and black beans or kidney beans, that have been cooked down and blended in a blender to make sauce pois(bean sauce).


Roasted Breadfruit

Breadfruit was brought to the Caribbean by Captain Bligh. Records indicate that 347 breadfruit trees arrived on the HMS Providence on the fifth of February, 1793, and were distributed throughout the island. Breadfruit was intended to be used as food for the slaves.

Ingredient: 1 breadfruit

Roast the breadfruit whole over charcoal (the best method), or directly over a gas burner. Turn the fruit as it begins to char. The roasting takes about an hour. When steam starts to escape from the stem end, the breadfruit is done.

Remove the breadfruit from the fire, and cut a circle at the stem end. Scoop out the heart, and discard it. Scoop out the meat, or cut off the charred outer skin, and cut the meat into slices, and serve it hot.

40 handful of fresh and clean
 lalo 2 lbs of pork or beef 
1 pound shrimp River (kribich) 
12 crabs (sirik)
1 / 4 pound salt pork 
1 tablespoon coarse salt
1 / 2 cup lemon juice 
2 tablespoons unsalted butter 
4 leeks - 
Scotch bonnet peppers 
1 clove garlic 
2 bell peppers
20 cloves 
Salt and pepper to taste 
4 sprigs parsley 
2 cups olive oil 


Cut the meat, extract the juice of bitter oranges and lemons. 

Ripe and Clean each and every piece of meat and crab, with pieces of oranges and lemons in a hurry. Rinse briefly in cold water. 

Drizzle the lemon juice and orange bitter, add a teaspoonful of salt, the mixture of pepper, leeks, garlic, a chilli ecrain, parsley. Marinate meat, crabs and let stand for about 5 to 10 minutes. Cook meat without water until it is cooked by adding as and when the warm water until done (browned) desired.

The lalo being previously well washed in plenty of water twice will be introduced into the meat. Add about 3 cups of warm water and thoroughly cover the pot (boiler) and cook for 50 to 60 minutes, adding water as needed, remove the lid, blend and add salt and pepper if necessary taste, simmer about 5 10 minutes and serve with white rice. 

N.B.: The spices and flavor to taste