Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Viv/roots & Tuber

Viv/Roots & Tuber

Haiti has an abundant variety of roots and tubers such and as plantain, sweet potato, yams, breadfruit, taro, malanga, cassava/yuca and many more.  These roots and tubers were used for centuries by the native indians added to the African Slaves who were mostly fed from these roots and tubers.  

These ingredients, specifically plantains, yam and yucca have a royal position in the caribbean cuisine and reign supreme. 

Each meal in Haiti starts with roots and tubers.  When served at a diner table they are often boiled, as a side dish they are served in the form of a gratin, souffle or sometimes salads.  They can be roasted, grilled or fried.

In Haiti, they are considered as the